Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Meaning in Life, in the now

Travis Eneix has a really interesting blog about making stories and individual meaning/interpretation,

The mechanism of meaning making is vitally important to our survival, as individuals and as a species. It is not to be shunned. Rather, it is to be recognized, and kept in perspective for what it is: a useful tool. When it become more than that, when it become a replacement, and substitute, for reality the tool becomes a poison.

28 Days

I just finished watching a movie called 28 Days, in which Sandra Bullock plays a person sentenced to drug and alcohol rehab. Its a feel good movie, I highly recommend it to you. Check out the user comments in that link.

What really amazed me was how intensely I experienced the movie. Especially when it not really the genre of movie that I would normally watch. Before I knew it the movie was already over, and I'd spent the last couple of hours absolutely glued to the screen! How do they do that! Kinda like The Weatherman that I recently reviewed.

I guess it helps that Sandra Bullock is easy on the eyes, but there was so much more to it than that. I've seen other movies shes been in and they didn't leave me feeling so deeply affected. Even more, it was in a positive way I think. Recently her movies have plots that are - if not necessarily inspirational - about being gentle with other peoples stories I guess. Seems to me that this was managed without the rosy colored glasses too. Movies this rare show how much of an art is involved in telling good stories.

PS: I don't really want to know exactly how they catch our attention that way, I'm prepared to just accept it as cool thing :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Winter gardens

Despite the mid winter weather we have been subject to lately, there are still a few creatures about we might not expect to see otherwise. This somewhat bedraggled butterfly was near the top of the gardens by the Camellia courtyard. It had found one of the few warm spots and despite the interest of several people, appeared to have no intention of moving.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday, July 6, 2007

The best sci-fi movies

SCI-FI MOVIES YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED is a fascinating list of movies some of which I've seen, some which I want to.

Pay special attention to the last entry, especially if you are familiar with the Wiggles kids show and their character 'Zardozap'. Who knew... lol

Information and knowledge

I recently came across this quote,

Information is knowledge, learning is wisdom.

I'm not really comfortable with this, both axioms appear to be a fallacy. So I attempted to come up with something better.

Information creates learning,
Learning builds knowledge,
Knowledge contributes to wisdom.

To me information doesn't exist without some type of filter for organizing it. Otherwise its not useful, so by definition might as well be noise. Therefore the filter could represent some type of parallel evolution between a capacity to learn and the value of the information.

As filter(s) become more complex, we might suggest that they describe a representation of the information, knowledge emerging through the learning process. So knowledge is the result of a kind of interactive process in an environment

And finally, knowledge can contribute to, but does not always guarantee the deep insight that is wisdom.

I will think on this some more... I'm sure others have argued similar points so I should do some research. Any of you with suggestions please leave comments here.