Thursday, June 28, 2007

Semantic AND intentional honesty

This article I Think You're Fat - Esquire describes the interesting insight of living with fewer intellectual filters. IMHO it's not just about being honest with 'others', but as Aristotle says, "We are what we repeatedly do". Like the author, I'm not 100% comfortable with this solution, but can see that it must be an all or nothing approach. As soon as a little bit of filtering creeps in, we find the whole house of cards reverting to the way we used to communicate. Lets face it, if you find a situation is uncomfortable, its usually because you have to adapt and change in some way to cope.

I wonder if the intellectual filters we eliminate by this approach are then replaced by a deepening emotional intelligence. Our intentions in communicating can be more clearly conveyed because there are less internal conflicts getting in the way, while our conviction/passion is more evident. Hmm...

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