Thursday, March 8, 2007

How my blog got its name

Once upon a ti.... oh wait, thats for a make believe story. Well I've had several people ask about the name for this blog and so I decided to write it down. Not long before I started writing in here, I realized my digital camera needed more memory. The piddly on board memory block only carried up to 16 hi res pics at a time.

This as you can imagine got old really fast. I mean whats the point in having a great little peice of tech, with good batteries that last for ages, and you can only use it for 10 minutes before you need to download and clear it for more fun. So I wander to investigate various options for a memory stick.

Having made my selection, the next day I was off to the rose gardens and went a bit crazy, one might say snap happy! I took over 70 pics without realizing just what this would entail. I get home and download all the pics, many of which were great by the way, and discovered the joys of cataloging images :(. Not to long after that I did it again, and the rest as they say is history.

I started thinking about publishing a blog, and then I wanted to post some of the better pics, so here we are! Below is a sample of some more snap-happy goodness, enjoy!

PS: the programs I use for playing with the pics include digiKam, and Kflickr for uploading to my Flickr page

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Snaphappy said...

Whuups, looks like I posted the wrong pic... this one is the same rose, but better :)