Thursday, December 28, 2006

Colors run riot!

This is one of the most intensely colored roses I have ever seen! Wow!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas cheer

Heres a pretty, delicate rose. The peach colors last for ages, and all the flowers on this variant have really delicate petal structures. Stunning I say!

Christmas day went off without a hitch, which was really good. DJ was able to see all his cousins and tomorrow we will visit with the great grandparents hopefully. I'm looking forwards to seeing Mums rellies. Of course the food is great too! Hope you had some fun at the very least, and best wishes for the rest of the holiday season.

For those who had to work, well at least you were able to help make days like this possible for others, and you should be proud of this. Thank you :)

Anyway, be chatting again soon...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Steve Irwin meets Ross the pansy!

I'm not normally a Steve Irwin fan, usually his programs are just OTT. As this following video shows however, he's a genuine person with a great sense of humor. Something we don't usually see.

Merry Christmas!

Hi there everyone. Hope you are all enjoying the season. Im off with my son to my parents place tonight, then back there tomorrow with all the family for the great unwrapping! At least the kids will do well this year.

Todays weather looks fine, so so if it holds DJ an I will be off to the gardens to take some more photos for you! See you again soon...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Spring shower

Here's a pic I took in Rotorua, after a short spring rain. This was one of those pics that you don't realize about until later. Took me pleasantly off guard when I downloaded it off the camera.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Velvet red

I always did like the more intensely colored roses, such as this beauty.

There are a few darker colors at the Hamilton gardens, including a more traditional climbing rose that looks stunning at its peak. There is even a really pretty purple rose that unfortunately has so far defeated my attempts to capture it. Go check them out when you get a chance. Make it soon though because the flowering season wont last forever...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Close ups

This dude has some wicked cool closeup photos of roses.

Palms off

This plant is really interesting, aside from taking neat pictures. Leaves (fronds?) all grow at the same level, and form a disk about 1.5 - 2 meters round. Despite this size, its under a meter tall!

I found it in the gardens hothouse complex, along with oodles of other cool stuff. These buildings are looking a bit shabby in places, but the plants are stunningly worthwhile. I suspect that they are often overlooked because no one else was there when I visited.

Its hard to believe that vandals could damage something like this, but it has happened, and the cactus house still shows that a bit...

Sunday, December 17, 2006


This rose is as good as it gets. Just the perfect time before it spreads out and achieves it glorious goal. Mind gutter out btw

Imaculate garden

A pic taken at the Indian garden. This is really new, but it looks a treat. Wasn't able to crop out the skyline which disturbs the composition, but... the garden just looks so good I bet you didn't even notice! :)


The first of many fantastic pictures I plan to post of roses from local gardens.

This flower fades rapidly in the sun, but the subtle orange hue near the base remains.

Released under the Creative Commons license described on this page.

Parents out there

Recently made some comments on about whether or not its OK to lie about kids ages to get cheaper admission to theme parks. The general consensus seemed to be that admission charges were rip offs anyway, but it was better not to lie outright. What do you think?

I mean, it's free choice to go to these places, so inevitably it is theft. Hmm...

What about those who do the right thing and then aren't believed. I guess if I was setting up a theme park or something similar, then I would consider it a point of principle to provide parents with the benefit of the doubt. I mean its not just about the rides, places like Disney for example are really charging people to buy access to their advertising! OT a bit, it sure must be nice running a business that operates from such a position of strength.


I took this picture at the the local gardens. I feel summery peace every time I see it, the day was really hot. Hope you enjoy it too!
Released under the Creative Commons License described on the side bar.

Hi... !

Well here we go! My first ever blog. It's funny how so many people have so much to say, but dont always say it right out. Me, I plan to wear my heart on my sleeve just for you the gentle reader.